Join us in prayer for…

//Join us in prayer for...

Please pray for

Please pray my son Brandon is healed from his mental breakdown and never has another one. Please pray he goes on to have a beautiful life without medicine Amen thank you from his Mom

Please pray for help for Victor and that he will get a lawyer to represent him at

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Please pray for

Please pray for my sister Mary especially on 5/10/17. She is very anxious.  Please pray for her healing. Thank you C

Please pray for the special intentions of Theresa M   Thank you.

Please pray that God will help Malcolm M find his way back to me. Please pray that the Holy Family,

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Please Pray for

Please pray for positive grades as I finish my academic work this semester and to understand God’s purpose for my life so I can know how to direct my efforts going forward. B

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Please Pray for

Please pray for my 14 year old daughter named after the Divine Mary, I ask for special prayers in the next few weeks as she prepares for tryouts in 3 weeks. She has been working very hard. Thank you for caring from a mother who wants the best for her

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Please Pray for

Please take the time to pray for two personal intentions of mine.  Thank you. Daniel

Please pray for the many intentions of Mfoudy and his family. That God will keep them in his special care and protect them all from harm thank you!

Please pray for healing for Jonathan and for strength

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Please Pray for

Please pray for my only daughter, who is suffering from depression. Please pray very hard for her emotional healing and full recovery with God’s help. Thank you very much. Please pray also for my strength to complete the tasks I have to do. I know with God’s grace, these will

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Please pray for

Please pray for: the light and leading of the Holy Spirit for me on my spiritual and life journey that I may discern Gods will in important areas of my life. Thank you very much! May God bless you! J

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Please Pray for

Please pray for Maria who has to deal with unjust situations. May God direct her and her family in finding a resolution to the problem. Thank you.

Please pray for the return to the practice of the Faith of my mother, Angela Mary and of my dear friend, Avril Mary. Thank

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Please Pray for

Please pray for a solution to our housing problem so that we can live together peacefully as a family. Thank you Mark

Please pray for my daughter in law Carmen and new born baby Mark for good health.   May Almighty God guide and protect both mother & baby from all dangers

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Please Pray for

Please pray for the very special intentions of Allan

Please pray for Martina that God will bring her perfect healing in her body, that God will provide her healing from all illnesses she has, giving her perfect health and happiness from this day forth, Amen. Thank You. John G

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