Made in China

At the moment there is a wonderful exhibition in the Turbine Hall in Tate Modern on the South Bank. It is called "Sunflowers Seeds". The Exhibitor is Ai Wei Wei a Chinese Artist. The Exhibition [...]

Reflection on Work

Many words describe work. You only have to look up Chamber’s Crossword Dictionary for a flavour of them. At the moment in the Victoria and Albert Museum there are four, huge, priceless tapestries brought from [...]

Reflection on Age

Recently I attended  a funeral Mass where a son in an Obituary described his mother’s life. She had lived in Poland during the war and endured many hardships. Yet she turned out to be a [...]

Light at the end of the tunnel

LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. I was on a train recently and heard the following conversation between a mother and her very young son. The train entered a long tunnel, within seconds the [...]