Morning is a new day untouched. It’s a gift that deserves to be unwrapped with care and attention, with hope and love. Rushing destroys it, while taking time adds dividends. A slow cup of coffee [...]

Birdsong at Eventide

My window is open. I listen to the birdsong. How I wish I could recognize whose song was whose! It doesn’t matter. It is all beautiful, all the work of the great conductor, blending all [...]

What treasures..Books

I start to savour a book, especially a new book, even before I open it. I feel the cover, skim through it, look at the pictures and the length of the chapters. Next I review [...]


Churches can look so different, St. Peter's in Rome, St. Paul's in London, St. Patrick's in Soho Square or St. Dominic's in Haverstock Hill London: but they give the same message viz the message that [...]

The ‘BUT’ word.

How generous it is to fully praise someone. How many of us half praise people. It’s as if our generosity cannot stretch that little bit further just enough to be big hearted. The word ‘BUT’ can spoil what could be a full hearted praise.

The Mark of the man

“The Mark of the man….!” Many years ago when my sister was clearing out the loft she discovered in a tin box old papers belonging to my mother. Among them was the birth certificate of [...]