Please Pray for:

Please pray for my husband Fred. He is a fifth grade teacher. The teaching profession has become so rigid, and tough that many teachers are drinking socially to cope with their teaching demands. Pray for Fred that he does not become an alcoholic by “social gatherings” or use drinking as a way to cope daily with kids whose parents are not supportive, or in many cases are in a one parent situation or just have unruly, rude students that are classroom disruptive students that are trouble for the “good kids” and worrisome for the teacher. The teacher can only do X amount with overcrowded class rooms and next to nothing resources that through budget demands the teacher puts in more money out of pocket to help students. The teachers are not super people. The teachers deal with so many problems it is a wonder that students learn anything. Please pray for Fred that he does not worry so much that he turns to the bottle or drinking just to cope with unbearable situations of daily teaching. Pray for his employment that it does not get affected by alcoholism or other stresses by school budgets and so on. Pray for Fred will have employment for seven more years. My husband is a good man and does not need to fall in to temptation by alcohol or social situations. Men can give into the stresses rather than turn wholeheartedly to God for help. Thank you and God Bless you all.