My wife and I want to wish all a Peaceful and Bless Easter!

Thank you for praying with us in our long struggle to God’s Peace and Hope!  We continue to stay at our Post in Hope and Prayer with the help of your daily prayers and God’s Mercy!

Please if possible? Can you continue to include my wife and I in the  daily prayers of the Community  through Holy  Week and throughout 2012 or as long as possible?? 2013..? We struggle daily to recover from the death of our only son in the midst of harsh circumstances of severe financial hardship, health issues, other deaths, losses & sorrows! We feel so alone at times! No family, real friends or any one!! Never the less we stay at our Post in Hope! Knowing that God has a plan even though we cannot see it?? Please pray daily with us? Please pass or e-mail our urgent prayer request on to other Communities (Women Men) of Prayer that you know of in the Worldwide Community of Prayer?  Thank you for your patience! Bill and Carol. oh.USA  PS.  We will keep you in our daily prayers as we cry out to God Day and Night for His Mercy & Peace Now & in the Days ahead..Lent,Holy Week..2012,2013..??