I attended the launch of “One world one Climate” CAFOD at Amigo Hall Southwark on Saturday 18th October. The event organised by the Archdiocese of Southwark and CAFOD gave an opportunity for JPIC campaigners and CAFOD campaigners and supporters to meet and discuss Climate change and its consequences for the poorest people on the planet and possible ways forward as individuals and JP groups.

Helping us to understand the reality of Climate change in the lives of the poor were Jesy Romero, a Peruvian woman and Adan Pajeulo who spoke about the effect that climate change is having on the lives of those in the Cruz de Mayo farming community where Adan lives He gave us a very clear picture of the result of drought and melting glaciers in their country. Jesy told us about an ice fall that had occurred some years ago, the ice had fallen into the lagoon below causing massive flooding and huge loss of life with over 30,000 people dying as a result.

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Alf Cafod

          The day also included informative workshops. We were encouraged to consider carefully if we were                                                                                       really taking climate change seriously.