Sr. Marie-Henry Keane OP  was in South Africa recently to launch her book : Neither Daunted nor Deterred ;  The heritage of Mother Rose Niland OP at the General Chapter of the Newcastle Dominican Sisters.  Mother Rose was the granddaughter of John and Catherine Niland who emigrated, with the 1820 Settlers, to the Eastern Cape, South Africa.  It was not a spirit of adventure that drove the couple to leave their beloved Ireland but  desperation .  They had no land; no voice in the governing of their own country; no freedom to practice their Catholic faith openly; no prospects.  Lord Shaftsbury had promised the Settlers 100 acres of “undeveloped land”, when, in fact, it was Xhosa pastoral land they were being offered.  The book  describes the harrowing experiences of the  heroic Settlers; the plight of the Xhosa people; the growth of the church, the arrival of  Missionaries and Catholic Educators; the development of the towns.  It was into this world that Rose Niland was born, where she grew up, became a Dominican Sister and a Foundress of a Congregation of Dominican Sisters.

The book is an easy read, mainly narrative, with coloured illustrations.  It is not available in book shops but, at a suggested donation of £15 (and postage)  a limited number of copies can be ordered.  Email: