“Called to Life in All Its Fullness: accepting the responsibility of our baptism” was the theme of this year’s annual conference of the National Justice and Peace Network of England and Wales.
The aims of the conference: to empower lay people to accept the responsibility of their baptism; provide an opportunity to bring our life experiences and relate them to our baptismal call; and be a celebration of life and a renewal of vision.
Two of our Sisters attended this Conference. The four main speakers were Sarah Teather MP, Mary Colwell, Clare Dixon OBE and Sr. Gemma Simmonds C J. They gave very varied presentations on different aspects of “baptism-its implications for the Laity ranging from our priesthood in everyday life to the prophetic voice in Latin America, our responsibility to all life on our planet and the cost of being an MP opened the eyes of participants at the conference to many ways of being active in J& P
Communal prayer also played an important part in the Conference.
This was a very worthwhile way to spend the weekend.

 Sister Alphonsus