October 15th JPIC Links Day Conference at Vaughan House Westminster
Saturday morning saw three of our Sisters. Bertranda, from Boxmoor, Dolores, from London, and Alphonsus from Bushey, who travelled to Vaughan House Westminster to participate in this day for Sisters and Brothers from various Congregations and Orders who pray and work for Justice and Peace and the Integrity of Creation. This day always offers opportunities to meet old and new friends, to eat together and to be further educated in Justice and Peace matters.
On this occasion we learned about the interests and work of Caritas UK,
in Advocacy and in initiating and assisting projects for the marginalised in our UK society: prisoners, homeless, asylum seekers and others.
The morning was spent listening to Helen O’Brien on this area of Justice and peace and of her enthusiasm to improve net-working among all those working for the marginalised.
The afternoon session gave us the opportunity to listen to Frank O’Regan a former Columban Father, who spoke of his experience of more than twenty years as a missionary and his present analysis of the role of the Church in the UK.
While mainly a Catholic group of Religious this is also an ecumenical group which welcomes Anglican Sisters and Brothers to our meetings.
Many of us now look forward to the weekend Conference of LINKS to be held in April of next year.

Sister Alphonsus