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Please pray for: I am writing urgently to ask that you please pray for protection and healing for my 6 year old daughter Addison. Please ask that the Lord heal every cell in her body and every drop of her blood following a health incident in February. Please pray that […]

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Please pray for: My daughter-in-law that her pregnancy goes well, and she bears the child she longs for. I thank the Sisters in their great work and I will offer my prayers for them. Brian
Please pray for: divine intercession for healing/forgiveness, and healthy resolution regarding marriage problems. Thank you Ren

Please […]

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Please pray for: The very special intentions of Denis Thank you
Please pray for: healing for S from all anxieties and ailments. Thank you Luke
Please pray for all the members of the Mc Grotty & Daniels Family in Londonderry, who have lost 5 members of their family in a tragic drowning […]

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Please offer up your prayers to God for my mother and me, that a loving God will send healing into our lives, as both of us have health issues. Pray that positive healing energy will flow into our lives today. Amen. Thank you. John

Please pray for many special intentions for […]

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Please pray for Mary to be able to make good friends. Please pray for her as she is in need of good friends Thank you M

Please continue to pray for Bill and Wife  and their many intentions.

Please pray for a young couple who are experiencing distress. Pray also for their […]

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Please pray for my daughter Sarah and her unborn child.
Please pray for the baby to live and grow in a safe, joyful, Christian home free from all harm. Elizabeth

Please I ask your help in prayer for spiritual strength to my family, house, community and to me. M

Please pray that my […]

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Please pray for my daughter and her unborn child. She is in a crisis pregnancy and in an abusive relationship. Please pray for the baby to live and grow in a safe, joyful, Christ-centered home free from abuse. Please pray for renewed faith, wisdom, hope, healing, peace, and unity in […]

Please pray for

Please pray for eternal rest for my deceased father and all my deceased relatives, that they may rest in peace. A

It is now New Year’s Eve and I am about to head into 2016. Please pray that my loving, caring, creator God will grant me powerful, positive blessings in my […]

Please pray for

Please pray for: me I am discerning my vocation in life. Thank you. B

Please pray for my step father, his name is Howard. He is fighting a nasty battle with leukaemia cancer. We are praying for a cure; a miracle…or a remission so we can have more time with him […]

Please pray for

Please pray for R and A: that they may find a way through their difficulties with each other and share a healthy friendship once more.

Please pray that I get approved for permanent disability. Nothing is Impossible with God I have faith in him and Jesus Christ. Thank you Everyone who […]