Join us in prayer for…

//Join us in prayer for...

Please pray for

Please pray for: Mark, his wife and children for resolutions to their housing problem. Thank you.

Please pray for me to have the strength to put my life on the right track before it is too late. J

Please pray for Bill and his wife that God will give them strength and […]

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Please pray for

Please pray for my brother Joe, who is suffering with cancer. Thank you very much and God bless you.T

Please pray for: the Veronica’s particular intentions and for all those for whom she wishes to pray. Pray for reconciliation for all concerned.

Please pray for: The many very special intentions of Kath […]

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Please pray for

Please pray for: me I am in living in Toronto with my pregnant wife and a 17 month son. I am the only bread winner of my family. I lost my job one month before and tomorrow I have a 2nd round interview from 1 PM TO 2 PM EST […]

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Please Pray for

Please pray for the physical and spiritual healing of Vivian whose colon cancer has returned. After time in the hospital, she has been moved to an assisted living home. She is doing very poorly. Pray that through the mercy of God she will be healed of her disease and make […]

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Please pray for Jana’s many special intentions

Please pray for my wife is going through chemo treatment from last 2 and half years for Lymphoma cancer and still chemo tablets are continuing. Please pray for the complete restoration of health victory over this disease and God’s strength and protection from every […]

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Join us in Prayer

Please pray for me I am a member of the Dominican Laity in Manila, Philippines. A situation has arisen about which I am anxious and worried. Please include me in your prayers. Thank you. J

Would you please pray for my husband, me and my two children. We are currently living […]

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join us in Prayer

Please pray for Carol and Bill who will soon be celebrating their 29th Wedding Anniversary. That God will bless them with peace love friendship and happiness the gifts that money can’t buy.

Dear Sisters, I asking you to pray for a difficult situation.My wife M finds herself now looking after her […]

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Join us in Prayer

Dear Sisters, Thank you for all of your prayers. Please pray for Shirley who is having emergency surgery to relieve pressure on her brain. Thank you very much.

Please pray very urgently for my mother who has been taken ill today after fainting.  She has been having health concerns just recently.  […]

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Join us in Prayer

Please pray for my mother Thank you David

Please pray that my father Francisco 86 years old, who had a minor stroke and his right hand, is paralysed and also have fracture to his right side collar bone and suffering from diabetes as well. Please pray that Jesus heal him and […]

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Join us in Prayer

Please pray for my son John and his wife they are separated  he is heartbroken please pray that they get back together as a family thank you A

Please pray for Anthony that some of resolution may be found to address all of the difficulties he is currently experiencing. Thank you […]

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