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Please pray for my mother Thank you David

Please pray that my father Francisco 86 years old, who had a minor stroke and his right hand, is paralysed and also have fracture to his right side collar bone and suffering from diabetes as well. Please pray that Jesus heal him and […]

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Please pray for my son John and his wife they are separated  he is heartbroken please pray that they get back together as a family thank you A

Please pray for Anthony that some of resolution may be found to address all of the difficulties he is currently experiencing. Thank you […]

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Please pray for me and my vocation. Please also pray that I may become a better person, worthy to become a priest of Christ. Help with my studies, in all its difficulties and pressures and to overcome all my anxieties and failures. Thank you Michael

Please pray for a financial miracle […]

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Please pray for: me to pass my exams so that next year I will be accepted for joining the seminary for becoming a priest through Christ our Lord. G

Please pray for Matthew Tan C Y for his 2nd round successful interview for medical Residency program which is highly competitive – […]

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Please pray for the health and safety of all of my family members and friends, especially those who are currently experiencing medical issues thank you Carlos

Please pray for the Souls of Turei, Tony, & Karen who have all recently passed away. Also remember the soul of their mother whose anniversary […]

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Please pray for Jan’s special intentions

Please pray for; my daughter, J. Who is suffering so much that she may return to the practice of her faith and have peace in her heart. Thank you Mary

Please, pray that God may give my grandmother, mother and me all the blessings we need […]

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Please pray urgently for Deanna. Please pray with us for a miracle.

Please pray for me; for the healing of my cancer and the binding of my broken heart. I am so unbearably sad and lost. Thank you A

Please pray for; my deceased father and all my deceased relatives, that Our […]

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Please pray for Kirsten’s special intentions.

Please pray for C struggling with addiction, depression and anxiety. May God heal him physically spiritually and emotionally. Ask God to please protect him and keep him safe. Pray also for my family. Help us all to trust in God’s love and Mercy. C

Please pray […]

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Please pray for my recently diagnosed with stage 3 kidney failure due to renal stenosis. Pray for restoration of her kidneys and continued long and happy life. Thank You and God Bless!
Please pray for me-I feel a great struggle in my spirit with depression, anxiety and the temptation to despair […]

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Please pray for: my Dad for his health. Pray for the aides, therapists, doctor, nurses caring for him. Thank you. Zizi

Please pray for me. I am so low and run down and I am experiencing many health problems. Please pray I can find a good baby sitter for my child. […]