Join us in prayer for…

//Join us in prayer for...

Please Pray for

Please Pray for my beloved ageing parents and all their needs. It’s my earnest hope and prayer that they will receive many blessing from the Lord. Thank you for your prayers. Saumika

Please Pray for: for the Reinoso family who are currently suffering extreme hardship (including starvation) in Venezuela where there […]

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Please Pray for

Please pray for me to get a job very, very soon. I lost my job in August 2017 and despite applying to so many jobs, I’ve not landed one. In the meantime, bills need to be paid. So please help me storm the heavens for this intention. Thank you very, […]

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Please Pray for

I would like to express my appreciation to you for praying for Avinashi Daniel Please know that through your prayers, God has granted his petition that his job contract has been renewed. Please continue to pray for him that God will open his heart and give him peace and love. […]

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Please Pray for

Please Pray for: Silvi that God will give him the strength and courage in his very difficult situation. Pray that God will lay a healing hand of Silva’s father and the outcome of his surgery will be a blessing for him. Thank you.

Please pray for Paul : I pray for […]

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Please pray for

Please Pray for: a double lung transplant from a donor who is a perfect match to me so I can stay with my children…please help me very soon Amanda

Please Pray for: my wife for healing from Lymphoma cancer. Also kindly pray for God’s divine protection and healing from cancer and […]

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Please pray for

Please pray for my family, needs, intentions, health, studies and job.  Pray so that I can finish the librarian training course. Thank you J

Please pray for the judge and all involved in the adoption of my foster children (Faith (2) & Ayden (4)) May God grant that they become my […]

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Please Pray for

Please Pray for Mark who is taking on new challenges and changing direction in life, that all will be well for him and for his family.Thank you.

Please Pray for Michael and his very many special intentions at this time. That God will direct him and bless his future. Thank you

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Please Pray for

Please pray for Lloyd and his many special intentions particularly for   relief from many health issues.Thank you.

Please pray for Kathy in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Thanks.

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Please Pray for

Please pray for Helen who is seriously ill in hospital at this time.

Please pray for: Bill and his wife for God’s blessings and peace now and into the future. Thank you.

Please pray for: Sally and Elaine for inspiration in their work in spreading Gods love. Pray for the staff at […]

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Please pray for

Please, intercede and remember me and my fiancée in your prayers, to find a job and for perseverance in faith. Maria

Please pray for Derek for 9 years please. He is in prison.

Please pray for my daughter  does very well on her final MBBS from 11th July 2017 to 29th July […]

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