Never Left Bereft

Never Left Bereft

This January day is slipping in and out

of wind and rain and darkness.

Under drizzling, drenching rain,

I walk with a damp coat

and a quickening step,

a murky blanket of cloud my companion.

Such days come […]

Twilight Time

It is early May and night is approaching. With curtains still open,

The Doorstep to Heaven

We stand on heaven’s doorstep, threshold of eternity. The “why” is easy…..

A Gate Goodbye

It was a magnificent autumn morning. The leaves of the Juneberry trees lining the

The Presence of Absence

Memory and presence go hand in hand.The closeness now is so close, it's like touching the...

On the train…..

Travelling by train highlights a number of interests, concerns and opportunities.                                                         There is a wealth of life experience epitomised here. I’ve observed […]


Morning is a new day untouched.
It’s a gift that deserves to be unwrapped with care and attention,
with hope and love.

Rushing destroys it, while taking time adds dividends.
A slow cup of coffee adds taste to it.

I need morning-time to enjoy the day,
to look forward to its full potential.

Perhaps I could listen […]

Birdsong at Eventide

My window is open.
I listen to the birdsong.
How I wish I could recognize
whose song was whose!
It doesn’t matter.
It is all beautiful,
all the work of the great conductor,
blending all beautiful and harsh sounds,

What treasures..Books

I start to savour a book, especially a new book, even before I open it. I feel the cover, skim through it, look at the pictures and the length of the chapters. Next I review the recommendations from authors, […]


Churches can look so different, St. Peter’s in Rome, St. Paul’s in London, St. Patrick’s in Soho Square or St. Dominic’s in Haverstock Hill London: but they give the same message viz the message that God is there in a special way.  Entering a quiet church with its rising columns […]