A Universe of Leaves

A Universe of Leaves

Today, scattered over the lawn,

I saw a universe of fallen leaves,

none the same,

a prodigal display of colours born only in dying;

falling is not the end……

What a magnificent image of life!

What a reflection of humanity!

On this lawn of countless coloured leaves,

lies a magical mirror of a universe of […]

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Clouds on the Move

The clouds are on the move, patterning the sky with ever-changing faces. The sun is in waiting, seeking its chance

Clouds on the Move 2017-08-17T11:40:19+00:00

Never Left Bereft

This January day is slipping in and out of wind and rain and darkness. Under drizzling, drenching rain,

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On the train…..

Travelling by train highlights a number of interests, concerns and opportunities.                                                         There is a wealth of life experience epitomised here. I’ve observed […]

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Morning is a new day untouched.
It’s a gift that deserves to be unwrapped with care and attention,
with hope and love.

Rushing destroys it, while taking time adds dividends.
A slow cup of coffee adds taste to it.

I need morning-time to enjoy the day,
to look forward to its full potential.

Perhaps I could listen […]

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Birdsong at Eventide

My window is open.
I listen to the birdsong.
How I wish I could recognize
whose song was whose!
It doesn’t matter.
It is all beautiful,
all the work of the great conductor,
blending all beautiful and harsh sounds,

Birdsong at Eventide 2015-11-10T16:50:22+00:00