• Cherry, Bird. (Prunus padus) Leicester Road lay-By Sapcote SP 5034 9303 (taken 20.4.2009)

Twilight Time

It is early May and night is approaching. With curtains still open,
  • Doorstep-to-Heaven

The Doorstep to Heaven

We stand on heaven’s doorstep, threshold of eternity. The “why” is easy…..
  • Fall-foliage-in-Indiana-park-autumn-in-Indiana

A Gate Goodbye

It was a magnificent autumn morning. The leaves of the Juneberry trees lining the


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Jubilee Message from Fr. Bruno Cadore OP

fr Bruno Cadoré, OP Celebrating the Opening Mass for the Jubilee of the Order.
  • Pope Honorius Third hi res

Jubilee 800 Prayer 1216-2016

Pope Honorius III gave official ecclesiastical recognition to the Order of Preachers....